How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife – Complete Guide [2024]

Becoming Astronaut in Bitlife is really challenging due to requirement of higher Education for this profession. AS main focus is your education in bitlife, that’s why you have to be very careful in your decisions regarding your education if you want to explore the science beyond the galaxies and stars.

If somehow you got STEM degree then it will very easy for you to become astronaut in Bitlife. Bitizens with boss mode can also become astronaut easily due to one of the feature of boss mode which is Astronaut Special Career Pack. You can get boss mode free with Bitlife Mod APK.

become astronaut in bitlife
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Complete Guide to Become Astronaut in BitLife:

I have simplified the challenge in 3 steps, 1st you have to get STEM degree, 2nd you have to join Space Academy and last one is applying for Space Agency.

  • To achieve first step of getting STEM degree in bitlife, read my previous article (how to get a stem degree in bitlife).
  • After getting STEM degree by taking admission in University in Science and Technology subjects, apply for Space Academy.
  • Joining space academy is necessary, because you have to complete your 40 hours of flight lessons to get License of Pilot in Bitlife.
  • You will find the training option in activities menu, then check Licenses category, here you will find Flight training school option.
  • If you are short of money to joining training school, then go for a part time job with your STEM degree.
  • By doing job you will get experience and money.
  • After completion of flight training, you will get Pilot License and apply for Pilot job to become Pilot in Bitlife.
  • Doing job as a Pilot in bitlife, your chances to become Astronaut in Bitlife 90% increases.
  • After getting Experience as a Pilot now head towards Occupation menu to apply for Astronaut in Bitlife.
  • As you got STEM degree, got training from Flight Academy and have experience of Pilot, your chances to get job as an Astronaut is Maximum.
  • Apply for job to become Astronaut in Bitlife, and answer some questions in interview and show your portfolio, you will 100% get this job and become Astronaut.
become astronaut in bitlife

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Easiest way to Become Astronaut in Bitlife:

As you have read above it is hell of job to become Astronaut and it costs too in buying boss mode or Astronaut Special Career Pack. To avoid all above hurdles and avoid spending your money, just download Bitlife Mod APK and become Astronaut free of cost and in less than 1 minute.