Bitlife Mod APK Latest Version v3.14.4 [June 2024] | Unblocked (Free God Mode Unlimited Money, Unlock Bitizen)

Do you want to Unlock all the premium features of Bitlife? With Bitlife Mod Apk you will Unlock Unlimited Money, Bitizenship, and God Mode, and you can do Unlimited Free Shopping. Just click on the below download button and enjoy all the premium features of this life Simulation game.

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Bitlife Unblocked

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Bitlife Mod APK


V3.14.4 2024

June 22, 2024

Candywriter LLC

Android 5+

Life Simulation

Free Marketplace, Unlimited Money, Bitizen

201 MB

Free of Cost

What is Bitlife?

Bitlife is a Text based life Simulation game, in which you can manage an application-generated person’s life from its birth to its death. You can take all his decisions in life to create his life’s story good or bad. All you have to just select any of the options given by the game on screen.

As the game starts, you have to select the gender and look of the person you want to use for that person. Then you have to manage his education, friendships, relationships, spending, career, and all other decisions that a real human can take to make his life good.

Four parameters in the game will help you to build the personality of a person, these are Happiness, Health, Mind, and Looks. Each decision you make will increase or decrease the level of these parameters.

What is Bitlife Mod APK?

This is the unblocked version of Bitlife official game which helps users to increase personality parameters and to get Unlimited Money, Unlocked Bitizenship, God Mode, and Unlimited free Shopping. With all these Unlocked resources you can craft a person’s virtual existence as per your choice, whether you want to craft him as a successful Entrepreneur, Tech Geek, celebrity, or Godfather of the Underworld.

These unlocked resources allow you to increase the parameters like Happiness, looks, mind, and health. This will help you to better simulate a person and make him live a long, happy, and successful life. To download this modded version click on the above download button.

Video Guide

Official Bitlife APK Vs Bitlife Mod APK:

Ideally, there is no comparison between the Official version and the Modded Version of Bitlife, but to clear the confusion, let’s compare their features;




Free Marketplace

Unlimited Money

Free Bitizen

Free God Mode

Free Job Packs

Free Boss Mode

Free Items

Free Passes

Unlimited Assets

Free Heirloom

Free Expansion Packs

Free Themes

In the above comparison table between Official Bitlife and Bitlife Unblocked, you can see which version of Bitlife APK is best. Let’s discuss the more features one by one.

Features of Bitlife Mod APK:

Lot of features of Bitlife Modded APK help you to craft your game character’s life successfully as much as you want to. Below are some of the features.

  • Unlimited Free Shopping from Bitlife MarketPlace
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Bitizenship
  • Bitlife God Mode
  • Unlocked Bitizenship + God Mode
  • Unlocked Crime Pays Bundle
  • Unlimited Items
  • Bitlife Job Packs
  • Bitlife Boss Mode
  • Bitlife Ribbons
  • Bitlife Royalty

Free Marketplace

The marketplace of any game is all of our favorite places. During gameplay whenever you get stuck at any stage or you have to make any decision that requires a special card or coins, then you have to go marketplace to buy the required stuff to complete the level of the game.
Get free access to the Bitlife Marketplace feature in the Bitlife Unblocked version and do free unlimited shopping in the marketplace. Acquire all the special cards, Bitlife God mode, Bitizenship, and unlimited coins free of cost.

Unlimited Money

Spending your dad’s money or your savings on games can lead to regrettable financial consequences. Coins or Money is the main source of leveling up in the game. Because at some stage you have no option except to buy a special pass to complete the stage, so for that you need money. 
You don’t have to worry about money because Bitlife Mod APK provides you Unlimited Money in the game free of cost. Isn’t it an exciting feature? With this money, you can grab all the items available in Bitlife Marketplace which will make your character successful.

Unlocked Bitizen

Ads during gameplay annoyed us too much and even stopped the game. To avoid ads and to avail of premium features you have to buy Bitizen which costs you a lot of money. But you will get Bitizen free of cost with this Bitlife Unblocked. 
With Free Bitizen you will get all elite features such as;
No more Ads!
Play Unlimited Generations!
Interact with your teachers & bosses!
Visit the salon & spa!
Pet store, breeders & exotic pets!
High paying jobs
Buy and drive luxurious cars
Dark Mode and So Much More!

Unlimited Items from Bitlife Marketplace

Items purchasing in Marketplace took lot of savings, with unlimited money in Bitlife Unblocked you will get all free of cost. The items you can get free are; 

Fame & Fortune Bundle
Get out of Jail Free Card
Golden Piggy Bank
Spiked Brass Knuckles
Promiscuity Potion
Golden Passport
Assassin’s Blade
Hollywood Star

Bitlife Job Packs

After completion of your graduation, you have no other plans left except to do job, business or carry out your passion as a career. In marketplace paid Job packs are available to help you pursue your career as you want. 
You will get all job packs free of cost and can pursue your future by selecting one of them, 
Pro Athlete
Street Hustler

Unlocked Bitizenship + God Mode

In Bitlife Simulator Happiness, looks, health and mind are the things which are necessary for a person to attain early success in life. To maintain these parameters in balance, and to get all the premium features of game Unlocked you have to buy Unlocked Bitizenship + God Mode. 
Don’t worry whenever you face any sort of buying situation during gameplay because in Bitlife Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship is already purchased, and you can use it free of cost.

Bitlife God Mode

God Mode of the latest version of Bitlife Premium APK is the most anticipated mode of the game, in which you are free to use any of the features without any restriction. You can change all your previously taken decisions and can correct mistakes which lowers your points to become successful.

Bitlife Boss Mode

Everyone wants to become a boss in real and virtual life to show their authority to the materialistic world. Bose Mode in Bitlife Life Simulator unlocks all the current and upcoming job packs for you which eventually helps you to achieve your passion as a Successful Entrepreneur or a celebrity.

Unlocked Crime Pays Bundle

Whenever you get in jail by police due to any criminal activity during gameplay, you have to pay a lot of money to your lawyer to get out of jail. But you will get special passes of the Crime Pays Bundle in this Mod version and will get out of jail free of cost just by showing this pass to jail authority.

Bitlife Mod APK Latest Version:

In the latest update lot of new features were added and bugs in the previous one also settled. The new addition of features includes a custom selection of cities for your hometown, a custom addition of people to make your friends appear in the game, a change of sports team name, the addition of new job packs, and a lot more.

You can access the game from any part of the world by just installing and logging in with your Bitlife game ID. There are also more versions of Bitlife game based on different countries i.e, Brazilian Version Bitlife BR APK & Bitlife BR Mod APK, you can also download from my website.

Download and Installation Guide:

To use Bitlife Unblocked Version, you have to first download. I will guide you step by step on how to download and install APK;

  • Click on the download button
  • Find the downloaded Bitlife Modded APK file in your mobile
  • Click on it to install
  • During the installation of Bitlife APK, you have to allow unknown source installation
  • Once the installation is completed open the Modded black icon Bitlife game and enjoy all the Premium features of Bitlife
  • No need to buy any feature or any item from Bitlife Marketplace in this version
Download and Installation Guide

My Personal Experience after Playing Bitlife Mod APK:

  • Playing Bitlife Mod APK gives me feel of becoming rich, i became rich in game and purchased pent-houses, beaches, luxury cars, and have a happy life.
  • Unlocking Bitizenship increase my gaming Experience due to unlocking lot of features.
  • With free of cost Bitlife God Mode increased my level of taking decisions.
  • In Bitlife simulator I can get unlimited cars, clothes and all accessories from Bitlife Marketplace free of cost.
  • I transformed my virtual life into a style icon.
  • Bitlife Unblocked features enables me to get all the premium features of Bitlife.
  • Bitlife Mod helps me to complete Bitlife Challenges easily within one minutes and get myself at the top of chart of winners.


I have elaborated on all the premium features above and also guided you on how to download and install Bitlife Mod APK. If you want to use all the features of Bitlife free of cost, then this is the best option for you. If you want to know more or have any queries, then feel free to contact us.

Download all versions of Bitlife:


It is a modded version of the original Bitlife game which you can install from the Play Store or download Bitlife APK from any site. In Bitlife Premium APK, you will get all those features that are not free in the Original Bitlife game.

Yes, it is 110% safe, because the developer of Bitlife Unblocked has installed an Anti-ban pack which makes your game safe & secure from any banning or virus issue.

As I have already discussed in detail above in the article about the latest features, custom selection of cities for your hometown, custom addition of people to make your friends appear in the game, change the sports team name, and addition of new job packs.

Yes, it is 100% free of cost. You have to just download and install, and all premium features of Bitlife APK Mod will be unlocked without paying a single cent.

Bitlife Zoo Expansion pack is a latest update in Bitlife game, with this expansion pack you can prepare a Zoo and collect lot of animals and birds in it. As it is paid and you can get Bitlife Zoo Expansion pack free by downloading the Bitlife Mod APK from above download button.

With Bitlife Zoo Expansion Mod APK you can get all features of Zoo Expansion Pack free of cost.

Bitlife Unblocked Mod APK premium version is modded version of official bitlife game, in which you can get all the bitlife premium features free of cost.

Boss mode in bitlife is same like god mode, you can change your character’s name and looks with boss mode and can born in any bitlife country or bitlife nations.

Bitlife God Mode is something what all bitizens wants to get it free , because it opens the challenge vaults and all other features after getting it. You can get it free of cost by following above guidelines, I have mentioned.

Bitlife Premium APK features are not available for free users, you can get it with in-app purchase option

BitLife Latest Updates: