Bitlife Challenges 2024 – Get Details & Tips of Bitlife Challenges

Bitlife Challenges are best way to get users engaged with game consistently all over the world. Game users shares there progress on recent challenges in different gaming communities. New and upcoming Bitlife challenges appears in the form of ticker tap, which run over the top of the home main menu.

Players have to complete the challenges as per requirements in the defined period. Bitlife Challenges can only be completed when you are connected with internet. When you completed the challenge, then it will be displayed on the bitlife challenges vault tab, where you can see your rank of completion of challenge on the basis of how early you completed the challenge.

After successfully completion of challenge, you will get rewards in terms of different accessories and increment in the level. Let’s have a look in the below table regarding latest bitlife challenges, their requirements and solution to complete the challenge will also be provided to you.

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Bitlife go mod apk Challenges

Latest Bitlife Challenges (2024)

Challenge Name Challenge BannerStatusLast DateDescriptionRequirements
Golden Gals Challengebitlife latest challenges golden galsStart09/06/2024
Have some cheesecake on the lanai and gossip with all of your golden girls in this challenge.Be Born a female in Miami.
Work as a teacher for 20+ years.
Get a divorce.
Make a female friends at the age of 55+.
Date a clown at age of 55+.
Disco Inferno ChallengeBitlife Inferno new challengesExpired01/06/2024
Ascend to power as a King while navigating the seedy underworld of club culture. Make questionable choices, including hooking up with club acquaintances and facing the consequences of your choices.Become a King.
Hook up with someone you met at the club.
Give someone you met at the club an STD.
Execute 5+ different people by burning them at the stake.
Go to the club after each execution.
Ex-Soldier ChallengeBitlife ex-soldier challengeExpired25/05/2024
In this challenge, Navigate a life of complex choices starting in Germany. Serve in the army, make a difficult decision to desert, find love with a biologist, and reconnect with your past to marry a childhood friend.Be born a male in Germany.
Become a soldier in the Army.
Desert your situation after a deployment.
Date a biologist.
Marry a childhood friend.
Urban Country ChallengeUrban Country bitlife ChallengeExpired19/05/2024
In this challenge, you will become an R&B singer who decides to switch genres and still come on top.Be Born a female in Louisiana.
Become an R&B artist.
Release a platinum R&B album.
Become a country musician after releasing a platinum R&B album.
Release a platinum country album.
Seaman ChallengeBitlife challenge seamanExpired11/05/2024
Ahoy, Bitizens! You will become a seaman worth his salt, braving frigid waters for crabs.Get Solution of ChallengeBe Born a male in Alaska.
Get a honorable discharge from Navy.
Become a crab fishman.
Purchase a boat worth $2M+.
Sail on your boat worth $2M+ 3+ times.
Cursed Killer ChallengeBitlife New ChallengeExpired28/04/2024
In this challenge, exorcise the living and the dead. It's a curse not a calling.
Solution to Complete Cursed Killer Challenge
Be Born in Japan.
Master jiu-jitsu.
Become an exorcist.
Exorcise 5+ ghosts.
Murder 10+ people.
Master of the Elements ChallengeHow to complete, Master of the Elements ChallengeExpired24/01/2024
In this challenge, you will master the four natural elements as well as the most powerful of all: the heart.
Solution to Complete Challenge
Be Born a male in Nepal.
Purchase and ride a jet ski.
Purchase and fly any aircraft.
Become a construction worker.
Become a firefighter.
Marry your best friend.
Malpractice Millionaire ChallengeBitlife ChallengeExpired27/01/2024
In this challenge, you’re not going to let one or two botched surgeries stop you from looking good, feeling fabulous, and making bank.Be born a female in Los Angeles
Survive 3+ botched procedures
Win a malpractice lawsuit
Read ‘Strong Looks Better Naked’
Marry a millionaire
Lady Luck ChallengeBitlife Mod APK UnblockedExpired20/01/2024
In this challenge, you’ll press your luck and hope it doesn’t run out when you need it most.Be born a female in Nevada
Become a famous mobile app developer
Win $1M+ in casino winnings
Win $5M+ in divorce settlements
Have the witch doctor cure an illness
One Peace ChallengeBitlife God ModeExpired13/01/2024
In this challenge, you’ll discover that the ultimate treasure is friendship.Be born a male in Brazil
Befriend a man from Japan
Befriend a woman from Norway
Pirate 5+ porches
Own a pirate ship
Raving Lunar-tic ChallengeBitlife New ChallengeExpired06/01/2024
In this challenge, you’ll become an astronaut who’s just trying to get by, one day at a time.Born in Oregon.
Choose passion as an astronaut.
Drink 5+ times at club.
Retrieve 2+ lunar artefacts while addicted to alcohol.
Doom & Gloom
Doom Gloom Challenge BitlifeExpired30/12/2023
Prepare your faithful flock for armageddon wheter or not it is really going to happen.Start an armageddon cult in Florida. Own a compound. Own 10+ SUVs. Construct a fallout shelter and armoury. Amass a following of 50,000+ people.