How to Become President in BitLife 2024 – Step by Step Guide

president in bitlife

Interesting thing of Life Simulation games is that you can become whatever you want in your virtual presence. In BitLife you can live unlimited Characters with any profession or career i.e., you can become President in Bitlife of United States.

Becoming President in Bitllife takes little bit more time than other professions, luckily it is not difficult because I will teach you how to become president in Bitlife. You may become president in one try or you have to try again and again, it all depends on your luck. But You must follow steps I will guide you to become President in BitLife.

Important Points You Should Know:

  • Start your character with High looks and smarts born in United States.
  • Start your University in Political Sciences Subject, then choose Law or Business.
  • Keep your status active in local government and keep high profile before participating in President Elections.
  • Prepare Speeches and participate in different Rallys.

Step by Step Guide to Become President in Bitlife:

Step 01

Purchase Bitizenship: First of all purchase Bitizenship to unlock President feature. Bitizenship is paid in game for 4.99$ and it is one-time purchase. Don’t worry if you have no money you can download Bitlife Mod APK for free Bitizenship and Bitlife God Mode.

bitlife mod apk president

Step 02

Start your Character: To become President in Bitlife make sure to start you character in United States. Your Character must have high looks and smarts brain to become president in Bitlife easily.

how to become president in bitlife

Step 03

Play till University: Now play smartly till you graduated from secondary school and now next is admission in University. During this earn and save money as much as you can.

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Step 04

Take Admission in Political Science at University: Now as you graduated from school, it is time to take admission in university and make sure to select subjects Political Science for your career in Politics for your journey to become president in BitLife.

After completion of Political Sciences, take admission in Law College or Business College to groom or ready yourself for Presidency.

Become President in Bitlife Br mod apk

Step 05

Join Social Media Platforms: Now its time to make your presence on Social Media Platforms to tell people about your views and your ambitions regarding betterment. Share quotes and your thoughts regularly or hire your social media manager to make you popular among people, to make your campaign easy in becoming president in Bitlife.

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Step 06

Work Until you become 35 years old : As you completed you lawyer degree from Law college, start Job as a Lawyer to start your career in Politics and save lot of money for your election campaigns.

How to become President in Bitlife Unblocked

Step 07

Now Involve in Politics: Now start your career in Politics by becoming a president in law chamber and then participate for mayor or School board head. Now you officially get involved in politics to become president in Bitlife.

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Step 08

Become Mayor: After becoming head of school board now your time to step in for mayor-ship. Make sure to make high approval ratings during generating and saving money. So with savings launch successful campaign for Mayor elections.

Bitlife Br Mod apk president

Step 09

Participate in President Elections: As you saved lot of money and get involved in politics and also become Mayor, now its time to participate in Election to become President in Bitlife. Launch a campaign with the help of your manager and make a handsome budget for a successful campaign.

You must have at least $100 Million for successful campaign. If you don’t have enough money check here for Unlimited Money. Now during campaign answer all questions asked by media carefully so that you image may remain good.

After successful campaign, you will surely become a President after result announced of President in BitLife. If Unfortunately you loss the election then try again and follow the same steps you will surely become President in BitLife after 2 or 3 tries.

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bitlife president elections result

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