Download Bitlife Unblocked APK V3.13.12 [May 2024] (Free Unlimited Money, Bitizenship + God Mode, Boss Mode)

Are you Wondering how you get money for Unlocking the locked features of Bitlife game? There is no need to worry about money for premium features or in-app purchases of Bitlife game. You will get all the features free of cost in Bitlife Unblocked APK and without any hassle like other sites do.

Just download Bitlife Unblocked APK by clicking the above download button and install it on your mobile. After installation, all features will be unlocked without doing anything like watching ads or installing any application before unlocking features.

BitLlife Unblocked APK Specifications

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4.5 Ratings (60765)

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Bitlife Unblocked APK


V3.13.12 2024

May 16, 2024

Candywriter LLC

Android 5+

Life Simulation

Free Marketplace, Unlimited Money, Bitizen

201 MB

Free of Cost

Official Bitlife APK Vs Bitlife Unblocked APK:

Ideally, there is no comparison between the Official version and the Bitlife Unblocked, but to clear the confusion, let’s compare the features of the Official Bitlife APK Vs Bitlife Unblocked APK.




Free Marketplace

Unlimited Money

Free Bitizen

Free God Mode

Free Job Packs

Free Boss Mode

Free Items

Free Passes

Unlimited Assets

Free Heirloom

Free Expansion Packs

Free Themes

Features of Bitlife Unblocked APK:

Bitlife Unblocked has a lot of features for you to enhance your gaming experience, below are some of the best features;

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Bitizenship
  • Free God Mode
  • Free Boss Mode
  • Free Job Packs
  • Free access to Marketplace
  • Free Billionaire’s Bundle
  • Free Expansion Packs
  • Free Black Market Expansion Pack
  • Free Crime Pays Bundle

To Read completely about all above features click on this article (Bitlife Mod APK), I have explained all features in this article.

What is Bitlife God Mode APK?

Most of us thought that we had to download another APK to get all features of Premium Bitlife. But in real there is no need need to download separate Bitlife God Mode APK or any other third-party application. Bitlife Unblocked APK has all the Premium features including Bitlife God Mode. So, no need to install any other APK to Unlock premium features.

There are some more Modded versions of Bitlife to get premium features. Bitife Mod APK, Bitlife BR (Brazilian Version), Bitlife BR Mod APK (Modded version of Brazilian Bitlife APK) and Bitlife APK are other versions of Bitlife, I have already uploaded on my website.

BitLife Unblocked APK Download and Installation Guide:

To use Bitlife Unblocked Version, you have to download and install with following steps;

  • Click on the download button.
  • Find the downloaded Bitlife Unblocked file in the downloads folder of your mobile.
  • Click on the APK file to install.
  • During the installation process of Bitlife APK allow unknown source installation asked by your mobile.
  • Once the installation is completed open the Modded black icon Bitlife game and enjoy all the Unlocked features.
  • No need to install the extra plugin or any other third-party app to unlock premium Features.
  • No need to buy any feature or any item from Bitlife Marketplace in this version.
Download and Installation Guide


It is concluded from the above discussion, that you are on the right site to enjoy all unlocked features of Bitlife game free of cost. If you have any queries such as download and install issues, any features not unlocked in Bitlife Mod APK, or any type of issue feel free to get in touch with us we are available 24/7 for you.

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