How to do “MASTER OF ELEMENTS” Challenge in Bitlife April 2024 | Weekly Bitlife Challenge Solutions

Bitlife Challenge Solutions

Hello everyone and Welcome to our new weekly bitlife challenge where we have the Master of the Elements challenge. In this challenge you’ll Master the four natural elements as well as the most powerful of all the heart.

Lets discuss some requirements of the Challenge;

  • Be Born a male in Nepal
  • Purchase and ride a jet ski
  • Purchase and fly any aircraft
  • Become a construction worker
  • Become a firefighter
  • Marry your best friend.

Analysis of Bitlife Challenge:

So this seems like a fairly simple challenge, the only probably like complication is money in a way because you have to get like a jet skin and aircraft. But there’s no rule saying it has to be an expensive aircraft.

So, From what I can assume as well we just have to become a construction worker and firefighter there’s no requirements saying you have to work the job for 20 years to collect the career.

Solution of “Master of Elements” Challenge:

So, the simple solution is, we just have to be born a male in Nepal. Now all we have to do is probably age until we’re 18 get a job as a construction worker become a firefighter. Then use that money to get the jet ski and aircraft. Then just make friends as we grow up and have a best friend and marry them.

Lets’ check either this solution works or not?

After officially graduation we’re going to go get a job. let’s go to jobs and we have to get construction worker or fireman whichever pops up first. Choose first a firefighter job, now we have to make money from this job, then switch to construction.

Ask your friend or co-worker to become your best friend. After making any girl your best friend, and made enough for the jet ski and stuff, then quit this job. now let’s go find the construction job, now you became construction worker.

Now ask her out, and then propose her. Then donate some money to charity to be a good person, so that she can’t reject you. Now take the pilot’s license test and for the jet ski you have to have a boating license.

Now take loan for aircraft and for a jet ski, and buy both with cash. Take her on a ride of aircraft and jet ski for task completion. Now she better accept proposal. After acceptance of proposal and your marriage with your best friend your this week Bitlife challenge completed successfully.

So guys there you have it, that was this week’s new Bitlife challenge. This week I’m going to be publish solutions of more Challenges from the Challenge Vault not just the weekly ones.

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