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Hello Bitizens and welcome to another weekly BitLife Challenge this week we have the Bitlife Seaman challenge. This Bitlief Challenge specially for Navy retired persons and for those who are trying to become a Seaman. So lets have a look at requirements of Bitlife Challenge Seaman;

  • Be Born a male in Alaska.
  • Get an Honorable discharge from the Navy.
  • Become a crab fisherman.
  • Purchase a boat of worth $2M+.
  • Sail on your boat worth $2M+ 3+times.
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Analysis of Bitlife Challenge SEAMAN:

For timely completion of Bitlife Challenges, you must challenge as per checklist. First of all you have to be born in Alaska as a male, then wait Until you get 18, then select the profession. After completion of your job took Honorable retirement.

After Honorable discharge, you have to become a crab fisherman to become a seaman and then purchase the boat of worth $2M+ and then sail on your boat worth $2M+ 3 times.

Solution of “SEAMAN” Bitlife Challenge:

Be Born in Alaska as male:

Let’s start from first point of checklist be born a male in Alaska. Now just age up until we’re 18, then take driver’s test just to get some extra money.

Get Honorable discharge from Navy:

So after getting 18 year old join the Navy for 2nd point, so now all you have to do is get an Honorable discharge from the Navy. So, you have to make sure work harder every year and make sure to make a good relationship with your commanding officer.

Then join Seaman Apprentice and work harder. After fifth year you will officially become petty officer, now you can request for Honorable discharge, and you will get this after 4 years of service.

Become a Crab Fisherman:

Now you just have to become a crab fisherman, so now to become a crap fisherman. You just have to see when the greenhorn job pops up. If you just become a regular fisherman that is not how you become a crab Fisher, you have to specifically get this like greenhorn job.

Sometimes it actually doesn’t pop up so you’re probably just going to have to sit here refreshing the app a lot until it comes. Now apply and become a crab fisherman.

Purchase a boat worth $2M+:

Only left now is purchasing a boat worth $2M+, so all I’m going to do to achieve this is find a sugar mama, okay and now you have the money so all you have to do is get a boat but first you have to get our boating license.

Now buy $2 million boat does a yacht count as a boat. Now you just have to ride the boat and hopefully after this Seaman Challenge got completed, and it took almost 10-15 mins to complete. I hope you understand the solution of completing Bitlife Challenge, for more exciting Bitlife Game Challenges check out here.

Easy way to Complete Bitlife Challenges:

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