BitLife Prison Escape

How to escape prison in  bitlife

Bitlife Prison Escape is compulsory, in order to get Bitlife premium features free of cost. You will get complete guidelines in this article.

In Bitlife mod you have to complete regular challenges to get bitlife royalty and ribbons. Life simulation games is all about making your character as per your desires.

Guide for How to escape prison in BitLife:

Escaping 6×6 or 8×8 prison in BitLife is never easy as you thought. I will guide you easiest way to avoid getting caught. If you get caught working as a secret agent or stealing Bitlife treasures in Bitlife royalty countries, then follow all these steps;

  • If you get caught and sent to jail, make sure to stop the game before continuing.
  • For example when you Click on the “Add year” and contract cancer.
  • Stop the game by force, or press on the screen to continue and keep cancer.
  • In this way you can re-enter the game and again you can click on the “Add Year”.
  • You can still contract cancer or any other disease.
  • This rule only fails when your character died and about to die.
escape prison in bitlife mod apk

By doing this you can again start game from where you are about to get caught and this time you can change the decision and avoid getting caught.

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Easy way for Bitlife Prison Escape:

If you want to get completed all Bitlife challenges or escape prison in bitlife in only 5 seconds and want to avoid all the above hustle, then just download the pro version (Bitlife Mod APK) of Bitlife. With this version you don’t have to complete all the above requirements of challenge.

Perks of Bitlife Mod APK:

Just download and install Bitlife Mod APK from below download button and you will following perks;

  • Free Superstar Mode
  • Free Bitizenship
  • Free Bitlife God Mode
  • Free Unlimited Shopping
  • Free Bitlife Unblocked features
  • Free Access to Marketplace

and many more premium features free of cost. For guide of download and installation of Bitlife Mod APK check out this article. I have explained all the features and complete guide on downloading, installation and how to get all Bitlife premium features free of cost.

Download all versions of Bitlife:

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