How to Complete Urban Country Challenge in Bitlife 19 May 2024

urban country challenge

Hello Bitizens and welcome to another weekly BitLife Challenge this week we have the Bitlife Urban Country challenge. This Challenge mainly focus on your skill as a musician. Your Character must show its attraction towards R&B and country music by releasing different solo albums or band albums. Below is guide to complete the Urban Country Challenge in Bitlife.

Bitlife Urban Country Challenge Solution:

  • Be Born a female in Louisiana.
  • Become an R&B artist.
  • Release a platinum R&B album.
  • Become a country musician after releasing a platinum R&B album.
  • Release a platinum country album.
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For timely completion of this challenge you need to buy a Special Job Musician Pack. Buy it in Bitlife Marketplace or you can buy Boss Mode. Otherwise you have to spend extra money for completion of challenge.

Be Born a female in Louisiana:

Start a new character as a female and select born country United States, New Orleans. Now select the special talent as a musician to complete the first point of checklist. Now buy Musician Job Pack or Boss Mode from Marketplace.

Now wait until your character get admission in school and after admission select music or signing as a subjects. If your request for admission in music rejected then you have to pay extra money.

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Become an R&B Artist:

After reaching age of 18, select profession as a musician and take part in audition to enter in music industry. Selection in after audition depends on your luck, if you gets rejected then try again till you pass audition.

After selection as a musician, you will get contract from music industries. Select the R&B artist option, to complete the 2nd point of challenge.

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Release a platinum R&B and country album:

After becoming R&B artist, album creation will be unlocked. Now its time to release your platinum R&B and country album. Releasing platinum R&B and country album every year is totally luck based.

After release of country album, you will officially become a country musician. Now third and fourth requirements for challenge completed.

Urban Country bitlife Challenge

Release a country platinum album:

After becoming country musician, now its time to release your country albums. So, it will be accomplished step by step. First we have to take small step by releasing a country gold album. After gold album success now release platinum album.

Releasing platinum album as a solo singer, is bit hard, but not impossible. But as you released your first platinum album then you will be able to release lot of more albums and will do more contracts for music albums.

Now after all this Bitlife Urban Country Challenge Successfully completed.

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