How to Complete BitLife Love is Love Challenge – [22 June 2024]

Love is Love Challenge is latest bitlife challenge for the Bitizens. Start date of challenge is 22/06/2024 and it will expire at 26/06/2024 11:59 PM. This challenge relates to spreading and accepting love between bitizens and community.

This latest bitlife challenge encourages to develop a family. You will have to marry for the foundation of family and then have children for completion of family. After you will support your family to develop love between family.

bitlife new challenge love is love
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Requirements of Love is Love Challenge:

These are the following requirements needed to complete challenge;

  • Be Born in Arizona
  • Marry a man
  • Marry a woman
  • Have 3+ children with each spouse
  • Unconditionally accept a child who comes out to you
requirements of bitlife love is love challenge

Steps to Complete the Challenge:

It is good to know that you don’t have to buy any expansion pack to complete bitlife love is love challenge, but you must have to follow the right path that I will guide you below;

  • First of all you have to start new character and select born state Arizona to complete first requirement.
  • Then age up your character till you are legally able to date a girl.
  • To make things easier and complete love is love challenge quickly, focus on your smarts and looks.
  • As your smarts and looks increased girls or boys automatically invites you get in relationship.
  • Date a girl or boy to start relationship to complete the requirement of challenge marrying a girl.
  • After dates, invites her to build relationship strong by marrying each other.
  • Now only thing difficult left is having 3+ children.
  • Plan for babies after each two years, so that you can feed previous child easily.
  • Now you have 3+ children, you are about to complete the challenge.
  • As now you have 3+ children, you have to build a strong, lovable family, who cares each other and supports each other in every difficult time.
  • As you creates an unconditional bond between each other in family, your new bitlife challenge love is love completed ad you are on a list of completing the challenge before expiring time.

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