What’s in BitLife ZOO Expansion Pack? Complete Details Explained – [June 2024]

Zoo Expansion Pack in bitlife game

Zoo Expansion Pack is added In the Latest Update v3.14.1 of BitLife game for animal lovers and for whom who dreamed of owing his own Zoo. This new Bitlife expansion pack is paid and available to buy in in-app purchase.

In this expansion pack you can run your own zoo and collect, bread, and show off all of your favourite animals with this expansion pack. If you want Zoo Expansion Pack Free of Cost then check out this article Bitlife Mod APK.

Whats’s Include in Zoo Expansion Pack?

There are lot of features in this BitLife Update, own the basis of Bitlife Official account;

  • You can Start your own zoo.
  • Purchase and trade animals when Trading post appears.
  • Build and maintain habitats for your animals.
  • Raise and breed dozens of new animals, Over 100 SPECIES are included, including RARE and MYTHICAL animals.
  • Receives FREE MONEY to get you zoo up-and-running.
  • Discover BRAND-NEW accessories when acquiring certain animals.
  • Fine rare and mysterious animals.
  • Manage your team of animal experts.
  • Earn all new rewards and achievements and Much more to Explore in Expansion Pack.

How to get and use Zoo Expansion Pack?

To get visit Bitlife Marketplace and then select zoo expansion pack, as it is not free you have to but it from Google Play store. After purchasing it open pack, there are lot of features appears which I have already mentioned above.

  • Just tap on any feature of the pack for example 24 Zoonzibar Ave.
  • Then tap on the buy it with cash, if you have enough cash collected in your bank of Bitlife game then it will be added in your zoo collection.
  • Every bird has it’s own characteristics and way of habitation.
  • Build your zoo and customize it as per your mind.
  • During building of zoo plan the ticket prices or entry fees.
  • Allocate budget from your bank balance for zoo to manage zoo.
  • Purchase more and more birds to attract visitors.
  • You can also use Golden Pacifier to increase the number of birds with breeding.
  • Use Golden Pacifier baby boom feature to cross breed and make pairs of animals and birds in zoo.
bitife new challenge zoo expansion pack

Animals and Birds available in Zoo Expansion Pack:

You can buy any of the animals or birds with you bank balance in bank. Following are the animals and birds available in Expansion pack;

  • 24 Zoonzibar Ave
  • 2445 Wild Dr
  • 3339 Bear Back Blvd
  • 5553 Sanctuary Ct
  • 198 Wild refuge road
  • 6090 Fierce St NW
  • 2318 Predator Parkway
  • 1609 Primal Ct
  • 96 Steve Irwin Place
  • 165 Sanctuary

How to get BitLife Zoo Expansion Free?

If you want to get free Zoo Expansion pack in bitlife and want to avoid all the above hustle, then just download the upgraded version (Bitlife Mod APK) of Bitlife. With this version you don’t have to pay any penny to buy expansion pack.

Perks of Bitlife Mod APK:

Just download and install Bitlife Mod APK from below download button and you will following perks;

  • Free Expansion Packs
  • Free Superstar Mode
  • Free Bitizenship
  • Free Bitlife God Mode
  • Free Unlimited Shopping
  • Free Bitlife Unblocked features
  • Free Access to Marketplace

and many more Bitlife Unblocked premium features free of cost. For guide of download and installation of Bitlife Mod APK check out this article. I have explained all the features and complete guide on downloading, installation and how to get all Bitlife premium features free of cost.

Download all versions of Bitlife:

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