How to Become Zillionaire in Bitlife | Bitlife Challenge

Bitlife challenges are something that engaged players with game since launch of game. After completion of each challenge player will get a mystery box as a reward, in which there might be a big surprise waiting for you to get.

There lot of chances to get Bitlife God Mode, free Bitizenship, Bitlife Superstar mode and other features or accessories. So don’t miss Bitlife Challenge.

Unlimited Cash in Bitlife Challenge

Analysis of Bitlife Challenge:

In this article I’m going to give you guys an in-depth guide of how to become a Zillionaire in Bitlife. I am going to do it the easy way so, if you’re someone that has a Time machine that is the easiest most efficient way to do this.

Solutoin to be Zillionaire in Bitlife:

I’m going to do what’s easiest for me personally. I guarantee you using this method you will become a Zillionaire even thousand Zillionaire in Bitlife game. So first things first you got to be 18 to start cryptocurrency. You have to care about making money necessarily a huge exponential growth the 500% and 400%.

We have to go back in time one year buy cryptocurrency ahead of time so that the next year we get that 400% growth the 400% growth does not mean invest in it now the 400% growth means you should have invested in it last year that makes sense it’s telling you what already happened not what’s going to happen.

Now go back in time of year go to our assets go to Investments find Blockum and as you can see the one-ear return was only 10% so now we’re going to invest all our money into it and buy it and you’re going to see the exponential growth as we age and look at that we got 400% in returns one year return.

Now we’re going back we’re going to invest our 781 million into big bucks after growth of 400% increase our 700 million is now 3.1 billion and again we’re going to age see if it’s 2 years in a row it is so now it’s 15 billion.

Do this again and again till you become Trillionaire and then Zillionaire. In this way you can get Unlimited Cash in Bitlife game very easily without having Bitlife God Mode. There are also other easy way to get Unlimited Cash and other Bitlife Unblocked features free of cost in single step, I will discuss all one by one.

Easy way to Complete Bitlife Challenges:

If you want to get all Bitlife challenges completed in only 5 seconds and want to avoid all the above hustle, then just download the pro version (Bitlife Mod APK) of Bitlife. With this version you don’t have to complete all the above requirements of challenge.

Tap on any challenge and select pay money to get this challenge completed. Challenge will be completed automatically without paying any money and without completing any requirements of Bitlife weekly Challenge.

Perks of Bitlife Mod APK:

Just download and install Bitlife Mod APK from below download button and you will following perks;

  • Free Superstar Mode
  • Free Bitizenship
  • Free Bitlife God Mode
  • Free Unlimited Shopping
  • Free Bitlife Unblocked features
  • Free Access to Marketplace

and many more premium features free of cost. For guide of download and installation of Bitlife Mod APK check out this article. I have explained all the features and complete guide on downloading, installation and how to get all Bitlife premium features free of cost.

Download all versions of Bitlife:

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