How to Complete New Bitlife Challenge – Disco Inferno Challenge

Bitlife New Challenge disco inferno challenge

Disco Inferno Challenge is new BitLife Challenge, in which disco lovers are engaged to rock the floor. Disco lovers will be excited after seeing this latest bitlife challenge, with latest inclusion of Zoo Expansion Pack in June v3.14.1 version.

Requirements of Disco Inferno Challenge:

Following are the requirements and steps to complete the challenge;

  • Become a King
  • Hook up with someone you met at the club
  • Give someone you met at the club an STD in game
  • Execute 5+ different people by burning them at the stake in game
  • Go to the club after each execution

This is one of the most interesting bitlife challenges till now.

Steps to Complete the Challenge:

  • First of all you have to buy Bitizenship of God Mode to become King in the Game. If you want Bitizenship and God Mode free then check out this article Bitlife MOD APK.
  • Then join a club and met any girl there to complete 2nd requirement.
  • Now to increase the fun in the game, you have to transmit or give someone a STD at club to whom you met there. Note: It is just for fun in game not in real life.
  • Now the 4th requirement which is most difficult. You have to buy criminal pack and then start doing crime in game. Then execute 5+ different character in game to fulfil the 4th requirement of the latest bitlife challenges.
  • If you are not able to do crime, then become Royalty in Bitlife, and after becoming Royal you have the authority to execute anyone in game.
  • Then after the execution, your challenge is almost complete, now just go the club you already joined.

So it’s a easy challenge, as i have completed this Disco Inferno Challenge in 4 minutes. If you want to get Bitlife Superstar Mode free then you have to complete 100 regular challenges.

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