What’s in BitLife New Update V3.13.11 Golden Pacifier & BitLife Baby Boom

bitlife new update golden pacifier

Bitizens are you excited for New Bitlife Update? In Bitlife New Update, BitLife baby boom has officially launched with more fun for Bitizens. As all of us are already enjoying the Bitlife new feature Golden Pacifier.

Bitlife baby boom update is mainly focused on children’s. Golden pacifier is main feature of new update which you can get from bitlife marketplace below expansion packs.

What is Golden Pacifier in BitLife New Update?

Golden Pacifier feature makes Baby-making easy, it is most fun and entertaining in Bitlife New Update. This feature is paid and available in Bitlife Marketplace, but don’t worry you can use it free of cost in Bitlife Mod APK. Let’s discuss some key points of BitLife Golden Pacifier;

  • It makes you fertile for forever.
  • Allows you to pick any number.
  • Allows you to pick and gender.
  • Allows you to pick any talent for your children.
bitlife new update

How to Get Golden Pacifier free of cost?

Just download and install Bitlife Mod APK from below download button and you will golden pacifier free of cots also you get following perks;

  • Free Golden Pacifier
  • Free Bitlife Baby Boom
  • Free Superstar Mode
  • Free Bitizenship
  • Free Bitlife God Mode
  • Free Unlimited Shopping
  • Free Bitlife Unblocked features
  • Free Access to Marketplace

and many more premium features free of cost. For guide of download and installation of Bitlife Mod APK check out this article. I have explained all the features and complete guide on downloading, installation and how to get all Bitlife premium features free of cost.

Download all versions of Bitlife:

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