BitLife Royalty – How to Marry into Royalty BitLife [2024]

How to marry into royalty BitLife

BitLife Royalty feature launched in September 2020, with this feature players can become royalty in game. This feature is not available for all countries, only list of Bitlife Royalty Countries can avail this feature.

Becoming Royal in Bitlife makes your character a supreme commander in game. You can rule whole country as per your desire and you can also make laws and implement them too. You can invite any celebrity to your home and your “Respect level will also be increased.

Eligible Countries or Nations for BitLife Royalty:

BitLife Royalty is Limited to some nations, on the basis of their game users, below are the eligible countries;

Europeans Countries

Non-Europeans Countries

  • Baron
  • Viscountess
  • Earl
  • Marquess
  • Duke
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates

Guide for How to become Royalty in Bitlife:

To become Royalty in Bitlife you have to born in Royalty family or enter in royal family in any way, follow the below guidelines to become royal & how to marry in royalty BitLife;

  • Be born in any country or in country where royal families exits.
  • Grow till age 13 with high looks and smart brain.
  • Create Social Media accounts and publish your handsome looks photos daily.
  • Try to reach royal family girls with your handsome looks.
  • Increase Fame at Social Media or Electronic Media.
  • After increase in fame, you will start getting friendship invitation from Royal girls.
  • Make friendship with any Royal girls.
  • Try your luck by proposing her, if you fails then try again because it all depends on your luck.
  • After marrying with Royal girl you will become Royalty in Bitlife game.
Bitlife Royalty countries

There is no 100% guarantee that you will become Royal by following these rules, because life is all about your luck and hard work.

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Bitlife Achievements Unblocked after Royalty:

After becoming Royalty you get lost of achievements in Bitlife game also updated with each new update;

  • Markle – Marry into British royal family.
  • Monarch – Become a Monarch.
  • Executioner – Execute 20 People in game.
  • Napoleon – Get exiled to a distant land.
  • Reign Over Us – Reign as a monarch for 100 years.

Easy way to Get Bitlife Royalty:

If you want to get completed all Bitlife challenges or get Royalty n in bitlife in only 5 seconds and want to avoid all the above hustle, then just download the pro version (Bitlife Mod APK) of Bitlife. With this version you don’t have to complete all the above requirements of challenge.

Perks of Bitlife Mod APK:

Just download and install Bitlife Mod APK from below download button and you will following perks;

  • Free Superstar Mode
  • Free Bitizenship
  • Free Bitlife God Mode
  • Free Unlimited Shopping
  • Free Bitlife Unblocked features
  • Free Access to Marketplace

and many more premium features free of cost. For guide of download and installation of Bitlife Mod APK check out this article. I have explained all the features and complete guide on downloading, installation and how to get all Bitlife premium features free of cost.

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